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domino makes a comeback!


If you haven’t already heard the news then I hope you’re as excited reading this as I am re-reporting it! I can hardly wait for this special edition of Domino Quick Fixes on April 17th!!! I can’t think of a better way to spend $11!


a cover photo from domino magazine

domino magazine


cardboard cutouts


Today, I stumbled across these awesome cardboard cut-out photobooth printables while digging around on oh happy day!

they are just so gosh darn adorable and would be so fun at a colorful quirky wedding or party! Check out oh happy day’s post for the full tutorial!

astronaut, ballerina, and cowboy cardboard cutouts for photobooth

via oh happy day


you’ve gotta start somewhere…


That’s how I felt when finally taking the plunge and start up this website, and I know I’m only a few weeks in at this point, but I still lovin’ this baby- so that’s something,  yeah?! ;} . It’s giving me a reason to I feel like 2012 is shaping up to be one of my favorites yet. Every time I add a new tab or page I get excited. I know a lot of them are blank now, but trust me, I have plans for everything, and day by day it’s all taking shape.

Since I haven’t been blogging about business much lately I thought I would share a few of my goals for the year. I think these are all very attainable…( a little daunting… in fact they make my hands shake a little just typing the words — but a written goal is more powerful, right?) … so attainable (at least that’s the word I keep doodling over and over), here we go…
Goals for my little business in 2012:

  • To book at least 3 weddings by year’s end.
  • To blog at least 4 times every week.
  • To register for an LLC
  • To chat over coffee or tea {or vodka} with another wedding + event planner.
  • To get another blog feature {wedding or interior} by the end of 2012
  • To work up at least 2 styled shoots by the end of the year
  • To start my virtual portfolio featuring interiors, events, and diy projects.
  • To buy a nice camera. (I don’t know if this is more of a business goal or a personal goal but I think it’s a necessity. + I don’t actually own a camera right now. Can you believe it?!)
  • To tackle at least 2 DIY projects a month (really, I think I’m pretty close to actually doing this – now, photographing it, that will be the hard part.)
  • To obtain some photos of the interior design projects that I’ve completed
  • To design 3 more rooms by year’s end.
  • To have a concrete mission statement for the company.
  • To design all of my own branding. (and be happy with it)
  • To start a Something Styled Facebook page and reach 100 followers


…and some inspiration to keep pushing forward…

…inspirational quotes, inspirational typography.

valentine baking

tonight I skipped the gym and baked cookies…

the gym and strawberry cookies = same same, right?

…which reminds me… now, everytime I say “same same” at home, (which is a lot) Jason says to me “Gretchen! Stop trying to make “same same” happen! It’s not going to happen!” … (like from Mean Girls… When Gretchen Weiners won’t quit the word “fetch”) ah, he’s funny. I think I’ll keep him. … but I’m keeping same same, too . . . for a little while longer. . .

anyway, tonight I was a bum and baked these cookies. my co-workers will benefit.

via thirty handmade days


someday soon I’ll have a camera and start posting some original content. I promise… In the meantime, thanks to Thirty Handmade Days (who I found via Pinterest) for the recipe!

Happy Heart Day!


p i n k (+ red + purple + white) decor


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching I’ve been having a hard time deciding on exactly what I want to post about. I mean, it’s not exactly my favorite holiday so do I really have to post about Valentine’s Day at all? The answer to that question is NO, and I was content with that. . .

But then, after seeing a lovely vibrant photograph this morning I was instantly reminded of my OBSESSION with color lately (seriously, while looking at said photography, I told my friend Michelle that it’s probably a good thing Jason and I don’t own a house yet because my current color infatuation would tempt me to paint the walls ALL of the brightest most obscene colors I can get my hands on… )

I was inspired (…but probably not in the right state of mind to hold a paint roller).  Then I quickly realized,  posting about Valentine’s Day is easy peasy. I just need the COLOR.  See the formula is this: you take some “valentine” colors then you mix them into interior spaces and WaaLaa! you get some rooms that I will no doubt be seriously crushing on. Watch out Jason… there may be a pink sofa or some pink trim in our future…



erin gates interiors


kelly wearstler


kips bay showhouse 2007 by hermogeno designs

via decor 8


house beautiful



grant k gibson for the elle decor showhouse


via pinterest... anyone know who designed this room?! I searched for 2 hours...


armonia decors


…… Ok, maybe not in OUR future, but a girl can dream, right?!