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The Great Jackson House Hunt

It was a warm May evening when Jason and I were lying in bed contemplating whether or not to put an offer on a house that we LOVED but all 4 of our parents HATED.

The kitchen was beautifully updated, I could see where my office would go and more importantly, our Christmas tree.  Sure, it was a Quad-Level, there were only 3 bedrooms, and a waaay to small master bath but we were quickly falling in love with that house and we just couldn’t understand why our parents had such a disdain for it.

“Maybe our parents are right…” Jason said.

As I looked at him feeling defeated and crestfallen, I remembered the words that my mom spoke to me on the phone just hours before.

“This will all happen in God’s timing. If you’re feeling that He’s urging you away from this house you should listen to Him and trust that He probably has an even better house waiting for you.”

“You know babe, I’ve been thinking…” Jason said. “With interest rates as low as they are, maybe we should be looking for our “forever” house – and as much as I like the Quad-Level, I really can’t picture us there forever.”

As usual, I was stubborn about agreeing with him, but in my heart I knew both my mom and Jason were right. This wasn’t the house where I could picture our “forever” either and we were at an extreme first-time buyers advantage with excellent credit reports and incredible mortgage rates.

“Ok” I said with a shrug of my shoulders. “The Quad-Level can be out, but really Jason, let’s only look at ONE more house and if neither of us is feeling it let’s agree that we’ll extend our apartment lease for another 6 months and put house hunting away until the fall.

We had a deal.

So, when Jason called me late in the morning on June 18th, our one year wedding anniversary, to say that he’d scheduled a showing of a house in the city for that very afternoon, I was apprehensive, but also excited. This was IT for spring house hunting – either we like it or we don’t. It really takes some pressure off when you’ve seen A LOT of houses but there’s NOTHING else on the table. Besides, this was an old house, one that’s probably way too big for us, and most likely carries lots of old house problems along with it. I was up for an old house, but Jason wasn’t quite convinced so it couldn’t be very likely that we’d both fall in love with it… right?

Man oh man, it was LOVE at first sight. For both of us.

I arrived a little late after taking a half day at the office and driving from Grand Rapids and when Jason greeted me at the door he was grinning from ear to ear. As we walked from room to room our grins got bigger and bigger. The built-ins! The moldings! The giant rooms! The incredible light! We knew we had to act quickly as this was the first day the house was on the market and we were the first showing in the door (quickly followed by one or two more that evening) And we knew right away that this house was one worth trying for so 2 hours later, we were writing an offer.

Our first offer.

On our first anniversary.

For what would hopefully be …our FIRST house!

Long (and dramatic, as I’m sure most foreclosure first time home buying stories are) story short, Jason and I are now the proud owners of this Georgian Colonial beauty pictured here! We can barely believe it’s ours and we are so glad that we listened to our parents and more importantly waited for and trusted in God’s timing and allowed Him to lead us to our “FOREVER” house (that, because it was a foreclosure, just happened to be within our price range).

We closed on July 26th and we’ve taken the past month to slowly move out of our Lansing apartment while fixing things and making some minor improvements to the new house. Friday is our official move in day and we could not possibly be more excited! This new house means new challenges, new inspiration, and new blog material and you better bet your booty’s I’ll be taking you readers along for the ride!