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a direction for the kitchen

We’ve been busy here, and slowly picking away at the kitchen. I’ve been trying my very hardest to stay focused on one project at a time but I can’t help but wander around this house, staring at empty walls, and plan plan plan. The ideas are almost exploding out of my head– seriously though, I almost wish that they would so something would actually get done!

When I find myself tired of painting I turn to my computer to put ideas to paper… er, screen. I’m finding that design boards are going to be the best way to keep myself focused on the vision and direction of a room in this place. I just explained to you that I get sidetracked while painting, and planning, you better believe that I get side tracked about a certain design direction. While my boards start as mainly a jumping off point, they help me stay focused and on task and ensure that I don’t stray too far from the intended aesthetic of the room. They also help me avoid making costly mistakes – there were a couple rugs that I was considering, until I laid them out on the design board and realized that they were way to loud for the space. My favorite part of design boards is that eventually, they will ensure that the entire house is cohesive and transitions are thoughtfully laid out.

Before I start “shopping” I always start with some inspiration images. Here’s a bit of my inspiration for our kitchen:

Definitely want to go for two tone. I’m in love with this look and it might just be the main inspiration photo. Dark lowers, light uppers, white trim, dark sashes, light back splash and light counter tops. I LOVE the floors, too. We aren’t quite ready for a flooring change, but this photo is surely saved for inspiration when we do.

tudor brown lowers, white uppers, and definitely brass hardware. Digging the bamboo blinds

more brass hardware. swooning over those grey/navy lowers.

more yummy brass (are you sensing a theme here?) love that this kitchen introduces pattern into the space through the backsplash.

speaking of pattern, the floral element on these curtains and valance soften the space in this lovely kitchen.

I’m also loving the pattern of this traditional Persian rug, especially when paired with the vintage/modern chairs and eclectic chandelier. The pop of red doesn’t hurt either. Like this scheme, love this space.

another red Persian rug + some industrial bar stools

…or perhaps a pop of color with some red bar stools.

I love the way a little bit of red goes a long way in the warmth department. Especially against some dark window sashes.

like these…

or these.

this photo seriously has me considering painted our (faux) brick.

a little bit of this + a little bit of that, lead to…

the inspiration for our kitchen:

an overall neutral scheme with two tone cabinets, brass and natural accents, with pops of red and mixes of traditional and modern.

I’m pretty proud of this scheme and it inspires me just enough to put a paint brush in my hand again… and to keep saving my pennies for that new rug and those red bar stools.

Do you ever use design boards to keep true to your desired aesthetic?


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