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To-Do lists and house updates

Hi friends! Long time, no talk and SO much to say! House updates are really speeding up – still all cosmetic and low cost for now, but there’s been plenty to keep us busy!

In exciting news, my sweet, California girl, bestie is expecting her first child in early June! From the second I heard the news I knew I wanted to throw her a shower and she’s kindly allowing me to!

Time’s a flyin’ and with Lizzy’s baby shower less than 4 weeks away(that’s just 3 short, already jam packed weekends) I’m really starting to kick my butt into gear getting this home of ours ready for entertaining! I even spent 4 hours last night working on reupholstering some thrifted parsons chairs. (more about those in a later post)

In January, I made myself a “house to-do list” to keep Jason and me in line and on track for the things that need to be priority número uno. This long list is a little daunting and intimidating, but it’s actually helping, and some days we’re even crossing things off at record speed! I’d actually planned on blogging this list well over a month ago and sharing progress as we go, but hey, shoulda woulda coulda. At least I’m jumping in now, right? For the sake of not showing 100 million progress photos in one post I’m going to share the list with you now, and then write about each room day by day. I promise the kitchen will be first!… I’ve only kept you waiting for 4 months 😉

Without further ado, here’s the list…

Mind you, this is JUST for the shower/ any upcoming entertaining. We also have a “dream list” of things we’d like to do once we actually have a substantial amount of money saved for things like new countertops, backsplash, and flooring in the kitchen, and a few bathroom renovations.

Carlton to do:

—Kitchen —

(just a reminder of what the kitchen looked like when we moved in… updated photos in an upcoming post)

Finish painting cabinets
Crown molding over cabinets
Install cabinet credenza
Make countertop for credenza
Finish painting trim
Window treatments
New flush mounts
Counter stools
New rugs (2 or 3, one being a runner)
Float shelves

—Dining room—

Clean out mess
Paint buffet
Paint walls
Window treatments (sheers+panels)
Finish upholstering chairs
Lamps for buffet


Console table
Hang blueprints
New light fixture
Wall texture or pattern?

—Living room—

Window treatments
Layered rug
Chairs (4. 2 comfy, 2 occasional)
Side tables
Console table(s) (1 or 2)
Quarter round on baseboards
Finish touch up painting


Paint walls and ceiling
Buy sofa table/storage
Bins for shelf storage
Spray paint vases
Re-style shelves
New sconces

—Powder room—

Make curtain
Make sink skirt
Jazz up light fixture

—Back hall—

Hang art
Buy 3’x5′ rug (as flat as possible)
New sconce

Paint walls
Hang mirror and/or art
New light fixture

—Coat closet—

Remove 50% of the coats to make room for guests
Add shoe bins for organization

—Front Entry Exterior—

Paint front door
Topiaries or plants


Artwork (gallery wall going up the stairs)
Stair runner
New light fixtures

Clearly some of these things won’t get crossed off in time. I think I can rule out the possibility of a stair runner in 3 weeks, and the possibility of reupholstering 8 chairs in time is diminishing. Heck, I’d be excited if  we only got side tables for the living room! (…can’t say I’m being completely truthful there.)

But really, quite a few things on this long list have already been crossed off! you’ll see very soon. stay tuned!

tomorrow, a kitchen update!

… I promise.