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wise words vol 1


I’ve been dwelling on this one lately. Marriage can be hard work! There’s always a moment in the roughness though, when Jason manages to get me to crack a smile that turns into a laugh and reminds me again that it’s all worth it. He’s completely worth it.


Why is it that I always find myself back to square one with this blog?

So much has happened since I last left off… A baby(!), parties, lots and lots of house updates. Lately, my mind has been racing with ideas, topics to share, and projects to put out in the world but here I am, stuck in limbo because I feel that the me of today is a whole different person from the girl who started this blog almost three years ago. When I think of ALL that I would need to share to catch up to current life I just get so overwhelmed that I shelve the idea for another day.

Recently, I’ve been missing blogging. Not so much the writing posts, editing photos, thinking of content,… but the end result. I miss the live journal. I miss how this blog would serve as a reminder to me of not just where we’re going, but where we’ve been… I get sad when I think we’re almost 4 months into Louie’s life and I’ve shared absolutely nothing about him.
From here out I’m going to try to share something, even just a snippet a few times a week.

Because hey, I’ve got to start somewhere and today I realized this can be it.