sweet lu

Louie is the biggest cuddle bug but there are days when he’s extra snuggly.


I live for these kisses!




I snapped these photos a few months back when this bug was around 5 months old but they make my heart so happy I have to preserve them here so I can reminisce again and again. My cuddly baby is growing so fast!

sunday funday

Feeling under the weather on Sunday made for a lazy day on the sofa but I’m never too sick to enjoy my time with these two boys.






Life is good.


Why is it that I always find myself back to square one with this blog?

So much has happened since I last left off… A baby(!), parties, lots and lots of house updates. Lately, my mind has been racing with ideas, topics to share, and projects to put out in the world but here I am, stuck in limbo because I feel that the me of today is a whole different person from the girl who started this blog almost three years ago. When I think of ALL that I would need to share to catch up to current life I just get so overwhelmed that I shelve the idea for another day.

Recently, I’ve been missing blogging. Not so much the writing posts, editing photos, thinking of content,… but the end result. I miss the live journal. I miss how this blog would serve as a reminder to me of not just where we’re going, but where we’ve been… I get sad when I think we’re almost 4 months into Louie’s life and I’ve shared absolutely nothing about him.
From here out I’m going to try to share something, even just a snippet a few times a week.

Because hey, I’ve got to start somewhere and today I realized this can be it.


happy halloween


Well, 10 bags of candy later, Jason and I survived our first Halloween in the new house… And this little lonely piece of candy is all we have left to show for it.


I also carved my first pumpkin in probably 15 years…


I felt pretty validated when an adorable 3 year old chicken said “whoa! thasa cool pumpkin!”

hope you all had a happy halloween!

i’m baaaack!

Sorry for the longer than anticipated hiatus friends, but I’m back, feeling uber refreshed and more inspired than ever! Currently jamming out to this song and feeling ready to ROCK this weekend, especially my first ever half marathon on Sunday!



Lots of fun projects and events in the works and I can’t wait to share!