painted laminate countertops

One of this first projects that I wanted to tackle in our new house was the kitchen counter tops.

(sorry about my crappy iphone photos… that’s about all the photo I’m able to provide at this time. My wide angle lens is what’s making it look distorted.)

I know orange is trying to make a comeback (at least that’s what I gathered from the September issue of House Beautiful), but we’re not interested in it on our counter tops.

(and a closer look just in case I didn’t quite sell you on how gross and dated they are.)

One evening, before we moved in to the house, I spent some time Googling “paint laminate?” and stumbled upon Rustoleum Countertop Coating. At only about $20 a quart Jason and I did a little shoulder shrug and thought “eh, let’s try it.”

It comes in 16 tintable colors that you choose from the top of the box. We went with “Cobblestone” which actually looks more like their version of “Light Ash” on our counters. It’s more of a warm gray, but we’re pretty happy with it.

If you’re interested in trying this product for yourself, let me warn you that this paint is really sticky and stinky. Take lots of breaks to get fresh air and keep the windows open if you can. Our entire house reeked of paint fumes for a few days. Jason’s parents were sweet enough to bring dinner over to us on the night we were painting and we all seriously contemplated eating outside on the front stoop because of the fumes. . . well, they did, Jason and I were so silly and high at that point we were like “what fumes?!”

We used some cheap foam rollers to roll it on and a paint brush for the hard to get areas. I’m so glad I bought cheap brushes for this project – the paint is so sticky it really wasn’t worth it when we tried cleaning our brushes off. We actually just made a giant painted mess on our hands and then needed to shift our focus and scrubbing energy to get the paint off of our fingers! Some salt scrub did the trick. We found that the trash can was the best remedy for those paint brushes.

It took about 3 coats of paint to fully cover our counter tops and we went though the whole quart. We actually ran out before we finished the tiny counter of our wet bar. I bought another quart, but we have yet to open or use it. I think we’re afraid of the smell… if that tells you anything.

No painting photos, but here’s what it looks like now…

(you can see some of the roller marks, which we tried to even out after this was taken, but they still could use a touch up)

We’re about 3 months in and the counters have been holding up pretty well. There are a few minor scratches, which is a bummer, but overall we’re so happy to be rid of that orange!

What do you think? Improvement? Would you ever consider painting your counter tops?

I know there’s not really a whole lot of prettiness to this post, but oh my gosh I promise you – it’s coming! Jason and I have spent ALL of our free time this past week (with the exception of MSUvsUofM game day, yesterday) working on the kitchen and I can’t wait to show you!

diy feather embellished shoes

So, I’ve had these heels in the back of my closet since my best friends wedding in July of 2007.

{I’m wearing them here. They’re alright but I’ve never liked the way they make my feet look}

Sure, I’ve worn them a few times, here and there, but at some point in the past year I got the idea in my head to add some fun ankle feathers to them! I finally followed through on my little plan last week, just in time for Vegas!

Here’s the how-to just in case you’ve got some plain heels you’d like to jazz up in your free time!


you’ll need:

  • an {old} pair of heels
  • a bag of feathers {the softer the better}
  • A hot glue gun
  • some ribbon {preferably to match the shoes}

First, you’ll want to lay out all your feathers and start sorting my size {longer feathers, medium length feathers, and short feathers}. Pull out and discard all the broken and warped feathers. Only pretty feathers for these shoes!

 Without gluing anything yet, start laying out your feathers along the side your your shoe. {mine worked easily on the ankle strap} you’ll want to work in pairs, so make sure that every feather you pull for one shoe, has an equal match for the other shoe.

Once you have a plan, start gluing on the feathers one by one, starting in the back, and working your way around the ankle strap.

When you’re happy with the placement of the feathers it’s time to add the ribbon right over the top…

Not every old pair of heels has an ankle strap but I think these could work easily as well as an ankle cuff! Just follow the steps above but glue the feathers to ribbon. Once they’re complete you’ll be able to tie then around your ankle with cute little bows in the back.

I realize the black is a little hard to see for this tutorial. If I ever do this again maybe I’ll try some brighter colors… but they worked well with my Thursday dress in Vegas…

Happy Crafting!

diy project: j crew magnets

I call these “J Crew magnets”, but they could be “anything” magnets really. They’re inspired by my incredibly creative and talented friend Jessica and I think they make the most adorable gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or even wedding favors!

Here’s the easy how to so you can create these little babies yourself:


you will need:

  • some J Crew catalogs (or various other magazines of your choosing)
  • clear glass vase filler beads (I found mine at target)
  • Magnets (from Michael’s)
  • a circle template (mine is from drafting class a very very long time ago, but I’m pretty sure you can find them at Michael’s)
  • adhesive – look for something that bonds glass and ceramics (I also found this at Michael’s)
  • scissors
  • a tin for gifting


First, find a pattern that you like in your magazine. Use a glass bead to make sure the image will appear the way you want it to on the magnet. Next, using the bead or circle template, trace the desired area with a pen or pencil.

Cut out your circles along the traced lines and add a small bead of glue to each magnet,then adhere the patterned circles.

Allow those to cure and dry for about 30 minutes. During this time I’m cutting more circles and gluing them to magnets, so the time will pass pretty quickly. Once they are set, add another bead of glue to the top of the now patterned magnet and attach the glass bead.

Allow these to dry for 24 hours on a flat surface.

Now admire you work!

See! I told you, so easy and SO adorable! I love these things! Our refrigerator can’t get enough of them either.

They’d make awesome wedding favors too! Try them monogrammed, or a variety of patterns in your wedding scheme, or maybe even “team bride” vs. “team groom” magnets?!

The possibilities are endless! Enjoy!


cardboard cutouts


Today, I stumbled across these awesome cardboard cut-out photobooth printables while digging around on oh happy day!

they are just so gosh darn adorable and would be so fun at a colorful quirky wedding or party! Check out oh happy day’s post for the full tutorial!

astronaut, ballerina, and cowboy cardboard cutouts for photobooth

via oh happy day