a direction for the master bathroom

Let me share my design direction for our master bathroom.

My goal for this space is to keep it as timeless as possible. I love the look of white subway tile and how it lends itself to any style – a plus for this traditional, historic home. It’s safe to say marble is going anywhere anytime soon so white Italian carrara was an easy choice for the counter top, end caps, shower shelves, and thresholds. (We actually demo-ed white carrara marble thresholds so I’m happy those will be replaced with what was original to the home.) Deciding to stick with a marble tile on the floor is the only thing that eases my mind about the gorgeous tiles that we had to rip out and even though it’s a little more expensive, we’ll still stay on budget because the white subway tile is so economical ($1.76/sf!)

carlton master bathroom scheme



Most of the items on this inspiration board are definite – vanity, white subway tile, bathroom cabinet – but we still have a few decisions to make – rug (convincing Jason that we should go with a turkish or persian), tile (definitely want herringbone, just need to source it), towels (we’ll choose these toward the end)


What do you think so far?



Carlton renovation: week one

So, we made it one whole week! I still haven’t decided if that’s a glass half full or half empty statement. The thought of getting to week twenty with this series of posts scares the crap out of me, but really, we’re one whole week closer to our dream bathroom – now that’s pretty exciting!

The week actually got a little crazier than originally planned. Here’s the break down.

The demolition was WAY harder than our contractor was expecting. After three days of tearing out reinforced metal + tile walls and 8 inches of concrete that could only be removed by jackhammer and patience our master bathroom was down to it’s original 1928 studs…



And then we decided, “you know what? Let’s just do the other bathroom, too.” Yep. You read that right. Yep, we’re completely crazy. So, on Sunday our little family took our final showers in the green bathroom (the guest bathroom that shares a wall with the master bathroom) and said our goodbyes.


By noon J, his brother, and our dads were in there with sledge hammers and crow bars. This is what the green bathroom looks like now.







So now we’re completely shower less. We pack hobo bags and sneak into our neighboring families houses to steal their water. Luca’s living the dream though and kinda loving sink baths… Must be nice to bathe in your own house kid… Must be nice.

As for renovation updates, the master bathroom has been re-plumbed and they’ve started the electrical. It seems like smooth sailing but we did have our first scare. Nothing like no heat or water on a Friday night at 5:30pm. Praise the Lord we were able to get that fixed by 10pm and before I pulled my hair out. (And thank the Lord for really great friends) I’ll share more later. 🙂

bathroom dreaming: layout inspiration

Oh gosh, friends, I’ve been planing out my dream master bathroom since probably before I was even a homeowner.  Maybe it’s a typical girl thing to daydream about a someday giant shower and soaking tub that connects to a monstrous walk in closet that’s perfectly organized… or maybe it’s just me. Either way, the incredible opportunity that’s been presented to me to re-design my own bathroom doesn’t escape me as a pretty incredible life event.

Since I’ve been planning this out since like the third grade it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I tell you that I’ve got hundreds of inspiration images saved of my dream bathroom.  (I’m actually kinda serious about that third grade part… When I was 8 my mom taught me about blue prints and how to draw a floor plan and ever since then I’ve been a space planning GEEK.)  Over the last month I’ve been re-examining each one, keeping in mind that I’m working within a 8’x10′ space (that’s not really very big) and pairing them down to this curated list. Here are my ultimate master bathroom inspiration images for layout:

inspiration 7 SIZEDvia

inspiration 5 SIZEDvia

inspiration 9 SIZEDvia

inspiration 6 SIZEDvia

inspiration 4 SIZEDvia

inspiration 3 SIZEDvia

inspiration 2 SIZEDvia

inspiration 1 SIZEDvia

As you can see, with an 8×10 space we’re thinking we only have room for a 3 piece bath – shower, vanity, toilet – oh but that shower… it’s gonna be big! I’ll show you soon…



design scouting: two tone cabinets

here’s a little hint on what we’ve been working hard at these past two weeks…

1.     2.     3.     4.     5.     6.     7.     8.     9.

now we just need to decide between Slate Blue or Tudor Brown/Black…

what do you think?

oxblood obsession

I can’t get over oxblood this season – In fact, after watching an episode of “The Voice” last week (another seasonal obsession) and seeing one of the contestants (forgive me, I can’t remember who) dressed in the most adorable black dress with oxblood tights I immediately (and by immediately I mean – immediately after I finished the episode) dug through my drawer to find the wine colored tights that I purchased on clearance from Target at the end of last season. score!

here are a few of my oxblood favs

oxblood f a s h i o n

1.       2.       3.       4.

oxblood i n t e r i o r s

1.       2.       3.       4.       5.