a direction for the master bathroom

Let me share my design direc­tion for our mas­ter bath­room.

My goal for this space is to keep it as time­less as pos­si­ble. I love the look of white sub­way tile and how it lends itself to any style — a plus for this tra­di­tion­al, his­toric home. It’s safe to say mar­ble is going any­where any­time soon so white Ital­ian car­rara was an easy choice for the counter top, end caps, show­er shelves, and thresh­olds. (We actu­al­ly demo-ed white car­rara mar­ble thresh­olds so I’m hap­py those will be replaced with what was orig­i­nal to the home.) Decid­ing to stick with a mar­ble tile on the floor is the only thing that eas­es my mind about the gor­geous tiles that we had to rip out and even though it’s a lit­tle more expen­sive, we’ll still stay on bud­get because the white sub­way tile is so eco­nom­i­cal ($1.76/sf!)

carlton master bathroom scheme



Most of the items on this inspi­ra­tion board are def­i­nite — van­i­ty, white sub­way tile, bath­room cab­i­net — but we still have a few deci­sions to make — rug (con­vinc­ing Jason that we should go with a turk­ish or per­sian), tile (def­i­nite­ly want her­ring­bone, just need to source it), tow­els (we’ll choose these toward the end)


What do you think so far?



Carlton renovation: week one

So, we made it one whole week! I still haven’t decid­ed if that’s a glass half full or half emp­ty state­ment. The thought of get­ting to week twen­ty with this series of posts scares the crap out of me, but real­ly, we’re one whole week clos­er to our dream bath­room — now that’s pret­ty excit­ing!

The week actu­al­ly got a lit­tle cra­zier than orig­i­nal­ly planned. Here’s the break down.

The demo­li­tion was WAY hard­er than our con­trac­tor was expect­ing. After three days of tear­ing out rein­forced met­al + tile walls and 8 inch­es of con­crete that could only be removed by jack­ham­mer and patience our mas­ter bath­room was down to it’s orig­i­nal 1928 studs…



And then we decid­ed, “you know what? Let’s just do the oth­er bath­room, too.” Yep. You read that right. Yep, we’re com­plete­ly crazy. So, on Sun­day our lit­tle fam­i­ly took our final show­ers in the green bath­room (the guest bath­room that shares a wall with the mas­ter bath­room) and said our good­byes.


By noon J, his broth­er, and our dads were in there with sledge ham­mers and crow bars. This is what the green bath­room looks like now.







So now we’re com­plete­ly show­er less. We pack hobo bags and sneak into our neigh­bor­ing fam­i­lies hous­es to steal their water. Luca’s liv­ing the dream though and kin­da lov­ing sink baths… Must be nice to bathe in your own house kid… Must be nice.

As for ren­o­va­tion updates, the mas­ter bath­room has been re-plumbed and they’ve start­ed the elec­tri­cal. It seems like smooth sail­ing but we did have our first scare. Noth­ing like no heat or water on a Fri­day night at 5:30pm. Praise the Lord we were able to get that fixed by 10pm and before I pulled my hair out. (And thank the Lord for real­ly great friends) I’ll share more lat­er. 🙂

bathroom dreaming: layout inspiration

Oh gosh, friends, I’ve been plan­ing out my dream mas­ter bath­room since prob­a­bly before I was even a home­own­er.  Maybe it’s a typ­i­cal girl thing to day­dream about a some­day giant show­er and soak­ing tub that con­nects to a mon­strous walk in clos­et that’s per­fect­ly orga­nized… or maybe it’s just me. Either way, the incred­i­ble oppor­tu­ni­ty that’s been pre­sent­ed to me to re-design my own bath­room doesn’t escape me as a pret­ty incred­i­ble life event.

Since I’ve been plan­ning this out since like the third grade it shouldn’t come as a sur­prise when I tell you that I’ve got hun­dreds of inspi­ra­tion images saved of my dream bath­room.  (I’m actu­al­ly kin­da seri­ous about that third grade part… When I was 8 my mom taught me about blue prints and how to draw a floor plan and ever since then I’ve been a space plan­ning GEEK.)  Over the last month I’ve been re-exam­in­ing each one, keep­ing in mind that I’m work­ing with­in a 8’x10’ space (that’s not real­ly very big) and pair­ing them down to this curat­ed list. Here are my ulti­mate mas­ter bath­room inspi­ra­tion images for lay­out:

inspiration 7 SIZEDvia

inspiration 5 SIZEDvia

inspiration 9 SIZEDvia

inspiration 6 SIZEDvia

inspiration 4 SIZEDvia

inspiration 3 SIZEDvia

inspiration 2 SIZEDvia

inspiration 1 SIZEDvia

As you can see, with an 8x10 space we’re think­ing we only have room for a 3 piece bath — show­er, van­i­ty, toi­let — oh but that show­er… it’s gonna be big! I’ll show you soon…



design scouting: two tone cabinets

here’s a lit­tle hint on what we’ve been work­ing hard at these past two weeks…

1.     2.     3.     4.     5.     6.     7.     8.     9.

now we just need to decide between Slate Blue or Tudor Brown/Black…

what do you think?

oxblood obsession

I can’t get over oxblood this sea­son — In fact, after watch­ing an episode of “The Voice” last week (anoth­er sea­son­al obses­sion) and see­ing one of the con­tes­tants (for­give me, I can’t remem­ber who) dressed in the most adorable black dress with oxblood tights I imme­di­ate­ly (and by imme­di­ate­ly I mean — imme­di­ate­ly after I fin­ished the episode) dug through my draw­er to find the wine col­ored tights that I pur­chased on clear­ance from Tar­get at the end of last sea­son. score!

here are a few of my oxblood favs

oxblood f a s h i o n

1.       2.       3.       4.

oxblood i n t e r i o r s

1.       2.       3.       4.       5.