layer it up

I know it’s been a while… a very long while… and there’s so much to update about my life and this house, but for now, can we just agree to ignore my absence? Life gets full and busy… who knows when I’ll post again after this… but I promise you, I want to! I’m going to try my hardest to keep up some sort of schedule for myself, even if just a monthly update.

Jason and I have been working away at this home of ours over the past year, but we’ve definitely kicked our efforts into over drive these past few months. With the arrival of our tax refund I was allotted a bit of money to spend on art, accessories, and home decor items AT MY DISCRETION! (this doesn’t happen often folks! every decision is a joint decision in our house, which is nice… but sometimes it takes a few months or years for my sweet Jason to see MY visions.)

While perusing through Rugs USA yesterday I noticed a St. Patrick’s Day sale. I’m a Rugs USA lover, our first experience with them was a little rough due to some shipping issues, but I’m so happy we gave them a second, third, and fourth shot. The quality of the rugs we’ve chosen has been great and although one can usually find a 50% off deal on the regular, I usually wait and purchase when they’ve upped the discount to 70, 75, and even 80%. Well, yesterday (through midnight tonight) was one of those 80% off days.

I’ve been wanting a 5×8 rug to layer over our 9×12 sisal (also a Rugs USA purchase) in the living room for quite sometime and our style board has seen it’s fair share of options, but yesterday I found quite a few that I liked. Here are my favorites:

new LR rug 1option 1 – Blue & Beige Graphic

new LR rug 3option 2 – Warm Traditional

new LR rug 2option 3 – Blue Suzani


While they all have their benefits I think I’d quickly tire of the overly graphic appeal of option 1. I love the sophistication and traditional elements that option 2 adds to the space, but I ended up going with option 3, the Blue Suzani. As soon as I saw it on my style board I knew it would be perfect. I love the way the patten works with the stripes of our sofa. You know what’s an extra bonus? This evening, as I was searching though Joss & Main’s newest sales, I found the exact same rug! They’re only selling the 6×9 version over there but it’s $50 more than what Rugs USA sells… oh that Rugs USA… I’m telling you.

What do you think? Did I make the right decision?

seeing spots

This past weekend was great, but such a blur. My head was nearly spinning at how fast the time rushed past me!

We’re STILL working on the kitchen and Friday night was spent in a mad rush touching up paint, patching holes, polishing brass, and re-hanging our cabinets in time to have some friends over for dinner on Sunday.

Saturday, I found made a little break in my schedule to get some quick sale shopping in with my mom – one of the highlights of my weekend. It felt so great to get some quality mother daughter girl time in! (oh, AND, I found my oxblood skinnys at TJMaxx!) I might have been more bummed that I didn’t have enough time left in my schedule to get the mani/pedi’s that she was suggesting, if I’d actually had time to soak the idea in. After shopping I was off to get ready for dinner with Jason’s parents, brothers, and future sister in law.  My brother in law and soon to be sister were in town from Chicago and it’s always fun spending time with them – actually, they made the second highlight of my weekend when said future sister asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! I don’t think I could possibly be more thrilled and honored and Jason and I are extremely excited for their big day next July! Yay family! Dinner was a blast and incredibly delicious and afterward J and I  hit up a Halloween party with some friends. When we got home we were so exhausted we didn’t even make it upstairs. We both passed out on the sofa somewhere around the end of Saturday Night Live Re-run!

Sunday, we tried out a new church, I went grocery shopping, Jason cleaned, we both prepared dinner, had a great time with our friends and their adorable kids (who we’re trying to convince to move into our neighborhood!), toured a haunted vineyard (sans kids), and tasted some delicious wines.  . . Whew. . . you’re probably seeing spots now too, huh! It was a busy weekend to say the least, but so great.

In house related news, on Friday, I found this Lonny photo on Pinterest and it totally reminds me of our pink/peach master bathroom. I’ve had black in mind as a part of the color scheme for a few weeks now and this photo might just be pretty enough to convince the husband…


I love this Albert Hadley wallpaper (titled “Fireworks”) and it’s actually surfacing quite a bit over the internet, here it is again in a couple other bathrooms, the first of which is Albert Hadley’s own bathroom pictured in the Lonny December 2010 issue.

(source + source + house beautiful)

I decided to render a little mock-up of what this lovely print would look like in our bathroom.

… and included a warm wood dresser for good measure.  I’m dying to find one and put on that back wall to hold towels and toiletries.

I haven’t really checked into the availability of the wallpaper, but I’m thinking if we’re daring enough to try a spotty print in the bathroom I might go the DIY route and make my own stencil – I’ll keep you posted!… have any of you ever stenciled a pattern on a wall?! how’d it turn out?


If you’re just dying to see more spots, I posted about spots in interiors and fashion in SG’s blog yesterday. Check it out here.