design scouting: bar carts

This week, I can’t get enough of bar carts! Maybe it’s the residual effects of the bachelorette party that I attended this weekend, or perhaps it’s a dining room project that I look forward to taking on, whatever the reason that got me here, I’m obsessed and hopeful that a bar cart will enter my life soon.

I’m sure by now you’re aware of what a bar cart is and its growing trendy presence in the design world, but if you’re unclear, here’s a little definition:

A bar cart is a mobile unit used to carry alcoholic beverages and is most commonly provided a spot in the kitchen or in the dining room. Bar carts are generally contained on a square or rectangular base with four casters, one on each corner. The casters make it easy for the bar cart to be moved from place to place, which is particularly helpful during social gatherings.

a few of my favorite images:


1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.    8.

interested in nabbing your own? try one of these beauties!

1.   2.   3.   4.

a bar cart could be a fun thing to bring back from Italy… do you think I could fit one in my suitcase?!

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  1. Emily Heintz says:

    I’m having Something Styled withdrawal – when are you back from Italy? I want to see Italian inspired design ideas!

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