diy project: j crew magnets

I call these “J Crew magnets”, but they could be “anything” magnets really. They’re inspired by my incredibly creative and talented friend Jessica and I think they make the most adorable gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or even wedding favors!

Here’s the easy how to so you can create these little babies yourself:


you will need:

  • some J Crew catalogs (or various other magazines of your choosing)
  • clear glass vase filler beads (I found mine at target)
  • Magnets (from Michael’s)
  • a circle template (mine is from drafting class a very very long time ago, but I’m pretty sure you can find them at Michael’s)
  • adhesive – look for something that bonds glass and ceramics (I also found this at Michael’s)
  • scissors
  • a tin for gifting


First, find a pattern that you like in your magazine. Use a glass bead to make sure the image will appear the way you want it to on the magnet. Next, using the bead or circle template, trace the desired area with a pen or pencil.

Cut out your circles along the traced lines and add a small bead of glue to each magnet,then adhere the patterned circles.

Allow those to cure and dry for about 30 minutes. During this time I’m cutting more circles and gluing them to magnets, so the time will pass pretty quickly. Once they are set, add another bead of glue to the top of the now patterned magnet and attach the glass bead.

Allow these to dry for 24 hours on a flat surface.

Now admire you work!

See! I told you, so easy and SO adorable! I love these things! Our refrigerator can’t get enough of them either.

They’d make awesome wedding favors too! Try them monogrammed, or a variety of patterns in your wedding scheme, or maybe even “team bride” vs. “team groom” magnets?!

The possibilities are endless! Enjoy!


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  1. Emily Heintz says:

    I love these! They’re so so so cute! It seems so easy too…It would be cool to do this on a tiny bit bigger scale with photos from a vacation. Maybe just of landmarks and not of people.

    • that’s a great idea Em! Maybe I’ll try to work something up with our Italy pictures (like Bree suggested 🙂

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine, too!
    I get compliments on them every time people are over!

    I like the scenery from a vacay picture idea, too!

    When we get back, let’s pool our Italy pictures and have another Pinterest day!

    • Oh yay! So glad you like them! … Yep, we will totally pool our Italy pictures and another Pinterest day sounds awesome! 🙂 Craving it already!

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