d*s sculptural paper orb lights

Gah! Design*Sponge! You’ve really inspired me this time!

Did you friends see happen to catch this DIY chandelier over there today!?!?

absolutely genius + stunning!

my “must make” list is growing longer by the day, it’s a good thing I know JUST the project I want to make this beauty for…

…anyone out there expecting a baby girl?!

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  1. Emily Heintz says:

    This is a plug in light right? This would be a cool thing to make for our guest room! It’s sort of just a plain room and this would be a great interest point. We have a fan in our guest room and it’s a smaller room so would it be too much to have a hanging light and a ceiling fan/light in the room? Is there any design rule about two separate hanging from the ceiling things?

    • I think both a ceiling fan and a pendant light might be too much for a smaller room. This specific light is a ceiling fixture, but it could be made as a plug in light, I think it would just depend on the kit you use.

  2. I’m expecting twin girls! 🙂

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