everybody’s workin’ on our kitchen: part 1

Because we have so much catching up to do, I’m going to do this in 2 long posts with lots of pictures… here we go.

As a little refresher, the last (and only time) you saw our kitchen it looked like this with freshly painted countertops…


Our kitchen “demolition” started the weekend of Jason’s fantasy football league draft party back in September. Our friends were sick of getting sore necks trying to talk through those upper kitchen cabinet – well, that and then boys just wanted to destruct something – so four of our sweet guy friends picked up some drills and screwdrivers and took down all the upper cabinets that hang over the peninsula in about 20 mins!





what a difference! It’s so much less claustrophobic!  I felt like I could finally breath in there – it’s just so open now.


a couple weeks after that I spent the weekend scrubbing that kitchen grout clean. it’s absolutely disgusting how dirty it was, but wow so much better!


I made a paste of bleach and baking soda, it was a tedious job, but those floors were sparkling!



on a different weekend (probably something like a month later), our sweet friend Tommy came over and down came the arched valance over the cooktop + all the molding. Jason and I purchased some paint for the kitchen cabinets. I went for the two tone like I mentioned in this post.

We decided to try out the Rustoleoum Cabinet Transformation kit. We tinted the uppers to Quilter’s White and the lowers to Tudor. The whole process of painting the kitchen cabinets took about 2 weeks. I ordered the hardware that I specified on my kitchen design board from Home Depot and with the help of a gift card, we were able to score all 46 pieces for $30! Not to shabby, right!?



The box says “no stripping, sanding, or priming” but we sanded some of the really bad cabinets first and I’m glad we did. Lot’s of water damage from years of neglect.



after that we removed all the cabinet doors, taped off the fridge, and then it was time to start painting!





Because we purchased brass hardware we were able to clean and reuse all of our brass hinges from our 70’s kitchen. A little Brasso, a wire brush, and a patient husband and they were like new.


then, somewhere along the way Jason and I got our first experience with drywall mudding…




I think we did a pretty nice job for first timers.

After painting the majority of the kitchen in Benjamin Moore’s Grant Beige as I specified on my design board, we decided that the color just wasn’t dark enough for the room.  I don’t have any pictures of it, but the color was really lost in there, casting an almost purple hue. Really strange for such a pretty color, but also a lesson – ALWAYS paint samples on the wall FIRST.  Fortunately, second try’s a charm and we got it right with the combination of Benjamin Moore Greenbriar Beige (matched to Glidden) on the walls and Benjamin Moore Texas Leather (also matched to Glidden) on the faux brick.

here’s a reminder of the first draft:

kitchen design board

and here’s the updated design board:

kitchen design board 2

I’m loving Greenbriar Beige! Such a warm color and I’d dreaming of the day I get to see how it looks with the brass flush mount.

Here’s what it’s looking like freshly painted on our kitchen walls



the updates don’t end there… but I think this is a good place to stop for now. Come back tomorrow for part II!


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