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I’m Erin. I’m in my mid twenties and currently living in Lansing, Michigan. I’m a wife, a textile designer, an amateur chef, a sister and daughter, a traveler, a talker and a dreamer, and a as of today, a blogger.

One of my favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday is to type in the url of one of my favorite blogs, dig back to the very first post, and start reading. There’s something so encouraging about seeing someone’s dreams develop after having been documented over a number of years.  I can only hope that one day this blog will have that magical, encouraging element to it when someone digs back to find this post.

Here, in the Something Styled blog, I will share my musings + inspiration because I’m fortunate enough to be inspired daily. I also already know that there will be times when this blog will become personal because I have a horrendous habit of over sharing. This will be a place where I will record my business dreams, whether I remain a textile designer, or (fingers crossed and praying for the best) my entrepreneurial dreams of becoming a stylist of weddings and interiors comes into fruition. Just typing those words makes my hands shake, but it’s time to face those fears.  Regardless of what this blog becomes and how it evolves, my life is changing. I’m ready for the next chapter, and I’ve decided this chapter will be recorded.

Please stay tuned!


(a photo of me and my handsome husband, Jason, who is more encouraging and loving than I girl could ever hope for.)

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