Meet Erin

Hi There! Welcome to Something Styled! I’m Erin, a wife, a textile designer, and amateur chef, a sister and daughter, a traveler, and a dreamer. I’m originally from Jackson, Michigan but I like to call Grand Rapids + Lansing home as well.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from Michigan State University which I later used to transition my career to Textile Design.

My love and fascination of ALL things design has lead me on this journey to freelance Interiors and Events via Something Styled and sprinkle some inspiration along the way.

l o v e :

…cake. (of any variety really, but I’d probably pick chocolate last)
…my handsome husband, I think he’s the start to the majority of the laughter in my life.
…Sitting outside during a thunderstorm (especially alongside said husband).
…Pinterest-ing the heck out of a lazy Sunday.
…Marathon television shows or lifetime movies + working on a project.
…Really getting to know a person.
…the perfection of an eclectic room.
…Sketching. If I wasn’t able to doodle I don’t know what my hands would do in their downtime…
…diving into a fresh, new magazine.
… making people smile.
…my family. 4 amazing parents. 3 brothers. 2 sisters. Blessed.
…pattern! Designing it for 5 years has left me obsessed with it!
…people watching in airports.
…broccoli. (yep, it’s true… I’d seriously eat it every meal if I could!)
…my girlfriends. In my opinion, they are the absolute best and most fun and creative girls on the planet.