bye bye pink bathroom…

I’ve been dreading this day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to shower without standing in a pool of water and to not trip over the box fan cord because we don’t have any ventilation.

I’m excited to plug my hair straightener into the outlet without having to first cross my fingers and pray that it works and don’t even get me started on my desire for counter space!

This renovation has been a long time coming… But it also means living in some dirt and chaos (I’m not really the best embracer of change) and more importantly, and perhaps even a little sad, this renovation means the end of the 1928 era of this home.

Goodbye original pink tile. Goodbye built ins (although your exposed plumbing always made me nervous to keep anything inside).

Goodbye industrial toilet, man you were amazing. Goodbye tub – I promise I’ll take good care of your twin sister… Who gets to stay. Sorry.

I’m refusing to say goodbye to the character though. With this renovation we promise to stay true to our 1928 Georgian Colonial. To infuse character and personality while bringing this bathroom into this millennium. I also promise to post a few more updates… Stay tuned.