when life hands you a minivan…


Well, virtual thrifting.

Like I said here, I plan to make the best of this situation…

I talked with {whined to?} my friend Jessica who helped me realize the real bright side to driving a minivan…

hauling large + awesome stuff!

If I were to go out and buy lots of treasures around Lansing and Grand Rapids, this is what I’d get:

Man, would I ever do some lovely things to this grand rapids dresser… my ultimate dream? Ombre! via this design*sponge image that I lusted over in my post here.

How about a perfectly gradated ombre that fades out to almost white from Farrow & Ball’s “Pale Powder” and these Anthropologie “Racing Stripe” drawer pulls.

I’m thinking I like the yellow base the the previous owners started with on these grand rapids bentwood chairs. I’d brighten it up a bit with the Farrow & Ball color “Babouche”

I’m not scurred of color! Like I said, let’s paint some “Babouche” on the base and a little Trina Turk “Peacock” via Schumacher on the seats! Can you bentwoods be in my dining room {or imaginary kitchen nook} now please?!

loving the bones of this Lansing Craigslist find (wish I could see the profile.) Let’s reupholster this pretty little baby in Schumacher’s Maya Ikat.  Perfect for my living room!



Feeling better already!

Watch out Craiglist! My minivan is coming for your inventory!

be worried Jason. be very worried.

yellow ombre dresser


I’ve had this image saved in my personal computer files for a few years now.

everytime I come across it it makes me happy.

I adore you yellow dresser, your perfect gradation of ombre, and your vibrant red hardware…

… enough to dedicate an entire post to you and your beauty.

a photo of a yellow ombre dresser with red hardware.

via design*sponge???

I still can’t seem to figure out the source for this pretty…

obviously I was in lust mode at first sight and too excited to type the website…

…I’m thinking it’s from Design*Sponge, but if anyone knows, could you help a lady out?