valentine baking

tonight I skipped the gym and baked cookies…

the gym and straw­berry cook­ies = same same, right?

…which reminds me… now, every­time I say “same same” at home, (which is a lot) Jason says to me “Gretchen! Stop try­ing to make “same same” hap­pen! It’s not going to hap­pen!” … (like from Mean Girls… When Gretchen Wein­ers won’t quit the word “fetch”) ah, he’s funny. I think I’ll keep him. … but I’m keep­ing same same, too … for a lit­tle while longer…

any­way, tonight I was a bum and baked these cook­ies. my co-workers will benefit.

via thirty hand­made days


some­day soon I’ll have a cam­era and start post­ing some orig­i­nal con­tent. I promise… In the mean­time, thanks to Thirty Hand­made Days (who I found via Pin­ter­est) for the recipe!

Happy Heart Day!


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