wise words vol. 2


I should prob­a­bly plas­ter this on my ceil­ing. For me, this one’s tough. I’m a con­trol freak with per­fec­tion­ist ten­den­cies– I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to let­ting some­thing go. But I like how the first word of this lovely phrase is “learn.” To me, that implies that there’s still hope… I’ll get there…

sunday funday

Feel­ing under the weather on Sun­day made for a lazy day on the sofa but I’m never too sick to enjoy my time with these two boys.






Life is good.

wise words vol 1


I’ve been dwelling on this one lately. Mar­riage can be hard work! There’s always a moment in the rough­ness though, when Jason man­ages to get me to crack a smile that turns into a laugh and reminds me again that it’s all worth it. He’s com­pletely worth it.


Why is it that I always find myself back to square one with this blog?

So much has hap­pened since I last left off… A baby(!), par­ties, lots and lots of house updates. Lately, my mind has been rac­ing with ideas, top­ics to share, and projects to put out in the world but here I am, stuck in limbo because I feel that the me of today is a whole dif­fer­ent per­son from the girl who started this blog almost three years ago. When I think of ALL that I would need to share to catch up to cur­rent life I just get so over­whelmed that I shelve the idea for another day.

Recently, I’ve been miss­ing blog­ging. Not so much the writ­ing posts, edit­ing pho­tos, think­ing of con­tent,… but the end result. I miss the live jour­nal. I miss how this blog would serve as a reminder to me of not just where we’re going, but where we’ve been… I get sad when I think we’re almost 4 months into Louie’s life and I’ve shared absolutely noth­ing about him.
From here out I’m going to try to share some­thing, even just a snip­pet a few times a week.

Because hey, I’ve got to start some­where and today I real­ized this can be it.


layer it up

I know it’s been a while… a very long while… and there’s so much to update about my life and this house, but for now, can we just agree to ignore my absence? Life gets full and busy… who knows when I’ll post again after this… but I promise you, I want to! I’m going to try my hard­est to keep up some sort of sched­ule for myself, even if just a monthly update.

Jason and I have been work­ing away at this home of ours over the past year, but we’ve def­i­nitely kicked our efforts into over drive these past few months. With the arrival of our tax refund I was allot­ted a bit of money to spend on art, acces­sories, and home decor items AT MY DISCRETION! (this doesn’t hap­pen often folks! every deci­sion is a joint deci­sion in our house, which is nice… but some­times it takes a few months or years for my sweet Jason to see MY visions.)

While perus­ing through Rugs USA yes­ter­day I noticed a St. Patrick’s Day sale. I’m a Rugs USA lover, our first expe­ri­ence with them was a lit­tle rough due to some ship­ping issues, but I’m so happy we gave them a sec­ond, third, and fourth shot. The qual­ity of the rugs we’ve cho­sen has been great and although one can usu­ally find a 50% off deal on the reg­u­lar, I usu­ally wait and pur­chase when they’ve upped the dis­count to 70, 75, and even 80%. Well, yes­ter­day (through mid­night tonight) was one of those 80% off days.

I’ve been want­ing a 5x8 rug to layer over our 9x12 sisal (also a Rugs USA pur­chase) in the liv­ing room for quite some­time and our style board has seen it’s fair share of options, but yes­ter­day I found quite a few that I liked. Here are my favorites:

new LR rug 1option 1 — Blue & Beige Graphic

new LR rug 3option 2 — Warm Traditional

new LR rug 2option 3 — Blue Suzani


While they all have their ben­e­fits I think I’d quickly tire of the overly graphic appeal of option 1. I love the sophis­ti­ca­tion and tra­di­tional ele­ments that option 2 adds to the space, but I ended up going with option 3, the Blue Suzani. As soon as I saw it on my style board I knew it would be per­fect. I love the way the pat­ten works with the stripes of our sofa. You know what’s an extra bonus? This evening, as I was search­ing though Joss & Main’s newest sales, I found the exact same rug! They’re only sell­ing the 6x9 ver­sion over there but it’s $50 more than what Rugs USA sells… oh that Rugs USA… I’m telling you.

What do you think? Did I make the right decision?